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The British CONGU Handicap System

This handicap system calculates a players score using the SSS (Standard Scratch Score) for the course.
The SSS is the equivalant of the course rating used in the USA and some other countries.

Players who's adjusted gross score is under their handicap have their handicaps reduced. Players who's adjusted gross score is over their handicap by more than the buffer zone, have their handicaps increased.

For handicapping purposes the adjusted gross score counts any score more than a NET double bogey (off full handicap) as a NET double bogey, so if a player scores a nine or a no-return on a par 5 where he received a shot (off full handicap), it will only count as an 8 for handicapping purposes. ( ie a NET double bogey )

The table below shows the amount of increase or decrease. Note that the amount handicaps decrease depends on a players current handicap.

Handicap Range Buffer Zone Reduction, Per Shot Under Handicap Total Increase per round
( if over buffer zone )
0.1 to 5.4 1 shot 0.1 0.1
5.5 to 12.4 2 shots 0.2 0.1
12.5 to 20.4 3 shots 0.3 0.1
20.5 to 28.4 4 shots 0.4 0.1
29.0 to 36.4 5 shots 0.5 0.1
36.5 to 45 6 shots 0.6 0.1